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Bream Band outside the School in 1903

Bream Band 1903

Back Row : H Morgan (bandmaster), W Lucas , H Phillips, T Watkins, J Kent,
Middle Row : W Preest, T Hancocks , Edwin? Nelmes , J Handcock , T Jones , A Phillips , F Hewlett,
Front Row : E Hancock , J Nelmes , R Handcocks , C Roberts.
The boy sitting on the stone at the front is Horace Lucas (age 8).

William Kerr added (May 2018): "We have found an original print of this photo and offer some comments based on written notes on the back, made by William Preest: "Bream Princess Royal Brass Band 1903. Back row, William Morgan, William Lucas, T Watkins, John Kent. Middle Row, William Preest, Tom Hancock, E Nelmes, J Hancock, T Jones, Amos Phillips, Fred Hewlett. Front Row. E Hancock, Jes Nelmes, Charles Thomas, C Roberts. Not Horace Lucas".

The following is an article written by H.P. - presumably the late Mr Harry Price - entitled "Sixty five years of Banding at Bream" and appeared in the Lydney Observer (now The Forester) in 1970.

Sixty five years ago saw the formation of the Bream Silver Band and in the period there have been may ups and downs.
But at the present time the band is in a strong position in the playing sense with many new members. A class of 14 playing members of under 15 years old is held each week.

Twelve months ago the band acquired new uniforms at a cost of £400 and now it was felt that the was opportune to bring the instruments up to date by the conversion of trombones and basses to low pitch, and renewing where required. This will cost over £1,000 and it is aimed to complete this in two years.

The Committee have no illusions about the task confronting them but are looking forward to the the public of Bream supporting the efforts they propose to arrange, the first a concert on Sunday at the at the Rising Sun club-room.
To return to the formation in 1905- it is interesting to find that there is one survivor of that band and he is in the photograph at the age of eight as a cornetist- Mr Horace Lucas, who is still an honorary member of the band but no longer plays. Mr Vic Shingles has also been associated with the band for the same period and is still an active member at 74 years of age.

The first conductor was Mr Henry Morgan, who used to walk from Yorkley Wood to conduct and it is said always whistled a march tune when climbing the Whitecroft Road.

There were several others who conducted the band, Messrs Amos Phillips, William Sterry, A Ambury and of course Evan A Jones who followed Mr W Robbins and steered the band through its most successful period in contests in the 1920s and continued to do so for almost 40 years.

For a time during this period the band was known as the Princess Royal colliery Band.

Form 1963 to 1969 Bream was the official band of the Royal Monmouthshire Engineers. They are fortunate at present to have a musical director Mr Tony Mudway, who has had a long association with them and has carried on where Mr Evan Jones left off when Mr Jones moved to York.

Mr W Jones is the secretary and although living in Cinderford combines the job of secretary and player with enthusiasm.
There are various names where the sons and daughters have followed their parents and grandparents such as Phillips, Nelmes and Rudge.

Among the fund raising efforts is a waste paper collection taking the form of a door-to-door effort by arrangement. The secretary Mr David Rudge will be pleased to make arrangements.

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