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A photo of Yorkley Slad and people in Yorkley Hall.

A photo of Yorkley Slad

A photo of a group of people in Yorkley Hall.

I think this was another get together in Yorkley Hall! 1st on right is my grand mother Maud Griffiths and the gentleman at the end of the row is my grandad Harry Harris from Whitecroft.

Joyce Baxter added: "... Im quite sure this is a photo of Yorkley Happy Circle taken in Yorkley Insitute. 4th Lady from right is Mrs Kear".

Kevin Burke added: "... I think the 3rd lady from the right is Mrs Elizabeth Jeffries, and I think the 4th lady from the right is Mrs Ann Turley (my Aunty Ann), Mrs Turley lives at Yorkley Wood to this day and Mrs Jeffries lived in Bunnies 'Ood until her death some years ago, her daughter ... still lives there.

Jeffrey James added (August 2014): "... Second lady in is Lil Jones from Bunnies Wood, And the exact name for the third lady is Elizabeth Jeffery again from Bunnies Wood".

Julia Keller added (July 2015): "... The gentleman with the glasses and the lady on his right are my aunt and uncle, Lucy and Ivor Kear. Lucy is one of my mother's older sisters ..."

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