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Yorkley School pupils and staff in 1958.

An old photo of Yorkley School

Row 4- (back): 1 Adrian Morgan, 2, 3. Roger Jones. 4.John Butson 5.Arthur Fletcher, 6. Malcom Marshall, 7 Mike Brooks, 8 Mr Gibbs Headmaster.
Row 3: 1 Mrs Frank Cooper, 2 Mrs K Robbins, 3. Kenny Ballard , 4 Glyn Brown, 5 Joyce Redman, 6 Lorraine Howells, .7 Jane Hatton, 8.Arthur James, 9.Gwyn Ellway, 10 John Thomas, 11 Mrs F. Fletcher, 12 Miss M.Moulton.
Row 2 - Seated: 1 Miss Dorothy James, 2 Doreen Hill, 3.Angela Yarnton 4.Pat Brookes 5. Alison Halford 6.Sue Camm 7.Heather Watkins 8.Margaret Swinyard 9.Mary Gunter 10. Lesley Aston 11 Miss Gough (Teacher)
Front (sitting on ground): 1 Terry Cox, 2 Gerald Birt, 3 Terry Screen, 4 Robert Hook, 5 Clive Hale, 6 Billy Richards, 7 Gordon Davis .

A photo of some occasion at YORKLEY SCHOOL ( date unknown ) The lady in white is Mrs Frank Cooper ( Tower Rd ) and next to her is her Sister Cath Robbins ( Wife of George Robbins – Coal Merchant ), and in front of them is Miss Dorothy James ( Teacher )

Kevin Burke added: ".. the two ladies on the right are-. back right standing Miss Moulton and in front seated right is Miss Gough. Both lived as neighbours on the Bailey Hill*, Yorkley. The bungalows they lived in have been demolished now".
*Slade Road.

Eric Marshall added: "... Row 3, fourth pupil from left looks like a young Lorraine Howells. I'd guess the year, if my assumption is correct. as 1955/56".

Thanks also to Terry Cox who added: "... No, 1 Front Row is me Terry Cox, Mr Gibbs Headmaster is back row RH. I estimate my final year 1958/1959".

Gordon Davis added "... I estimate the year as 1957 the year I left Yorkley School".

Sheila Berryman added: "... I went to Yorkley school from May 1954 until 5th June 1958 when we moved away. I think the photo was taken between 5th June and end of term 1958".

Thanks also to Geoff Birt, Gordon Davis, Marion Ellis (Nee Sillet), Joyce Baxter and Colin Henderson.

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