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A party at Yorkley Primary School in 1951.

Yorkley Primary School 1951


Terry Brain "... my wife thinks thats me "Back Row 2nd from left. ?? Not sure myself - but do kind a remember the funny sweater"

Gillian Knowles added "... Boy, 3rd from left in front of open window Peter Knowles. Girl, 2nd row wearing blouse with 3 white buttons, Ann Fletcher".

1.Frank Cullis, 2.Robert James, 3 Lawrence Sillet, 4 Robert Collwell, 5 Brian Morgan, 6 Trevor Watkins, 7, 8 Jeff Hewlett, 9.Jackie Creswell, 10, 11 Geoff Bir, 12. Sylvia James, 13, 14, 15. Joyce Robins, 16 Ann Evans, 17.Carol Wintle , 18 Maureen Stratford, 19, 20, 21.Philip Morgan, 22 Harold Davis, 22A (just visible) Graham Ward, 23 Ann Fletcher, 24 Gordon Brown, 25 George Davis, 26. Michael Mudway, 27. Rita Ellis, 28 Len Saunders, 29 Michael Brown, 30.Brian Norris?, 31 John Knox, 32.Graham Jones, 33. Dennis Beddis, 34.Tony Stringer, 35, 36 Evone Evans, 37 Terry Brain, 38 Peter Knowles, 39. Hazel Cullis, 40. Carol Truman, 41. Margaret Dobbs??, 42, 43, 44 Margaret (Anne) Tudor, 45, 46.Doug James, 47 Judy Cooper, 48 Maureen James,, 49.Pamela Aston, 50. Ivor Wicks, 51. Roger Elliot, 52. Alan Morse, 53. Ivor Ellis ??, 54. Cecil Gunter, 55.Barbara Jones, 56 Michael Thomas, 57 Margaret James, 58.Ruth James, 59.Janet Emerson (Mother of Eddie the Eagle Edwards), 60. Gill Hook, 61 Cyril Morgan.

Thanks also to Rita Ellis, Averil Kear, Terry Brain, Gill Knowles and Harold Davis.

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