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Yorkley rugby team possibly around 1945?.

Yorkley RFC

Yorkley RFC c. 1945?

Row 3: (all those at the back): 1 (boy at back), 2 (man with "chain") Harry Smith, 3 (boy at back), 4 Mr Gabb Referee, 5 Doug Morgan, 6 (man in cap) Don Jones Frank Emerson , 7 Cliff Price, 8 Jack Reg Baghurst, 9 Royston Charles, 10 (man at back), 11 Charlie Turner, 12 Arthur Havers, 13 Arthur Trafford, 14 George Bond.
Row 2: 1 Bob Gwynne,2 Ben Trafford , 3 ?, 4 Turps Davis, 5 Bill Hatton.
Row 1: (front row) 1 (slightly behind) Stan Kear Johnson, 2 Brian Price, 3 Jack Jones, 4 Brian Trafford, 5 Frank Truman ("Stabins"), 6 Eric Jones.

John Wilding added: "... I think number 6 was 'Logger' Jeffries or Jefferys- he ran the line for the club in the 50's and 60's".

Thanks also to Ian Watts, Russell Morse, John Wilding, Russell Fennel, Dave Nash, Roger Smith, Joyce Baxter, Ron Beddis and H J Warren.

Can anyone confirm or correct the date? or the come up with location?.

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