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The Bailey Inn at Yorkley, Gloucestershire.

Image: The Bailey at Yorkley (39k)

Just down the hill on the right is what was once The George public house.
Evelyn Beard has kindly written down a few memories associated with The George:
" Mum used to live at the George Inn Yorkley with her sister Joan, brother Ted and parents Horace & "Meg" Ellway. She mentioned that the first ever woman to drink in the George Inn at Yorkley was a Mrs Hilda Akers (wife of Sid Akers). She can't remember whether this was before or after the end of WWII, but she clearly recalls Mrs Akers sitting in the "Smoke Room" drinking a glass of beer, and also remembers the men going from the "Tap Room" to the "Smoke Room" just to see her drinking!. Other Akers family she remembers are Sam (Sid's brother), Dick, Ted and Beryl (who apparently still lives on the Bailey). A couple of other memories related to this specific time was that Woodbines cost fourpence per pkt of 10 (or 5 wrapped in paper for twopence). Players were sixpence per 10. They hardly sold any packs of 20 cigarettes, but sold plenty of tobacco to the older men who smoked pipes (and played cards in the Tap Room). Mum ("Molly" Ellway) often played crib with the men, apparently being welcome as she was allegedly a good player! Beer was apparently quite scarce at the time, and once a barrel was opened it was sold very quickly until it ran out - with everyone buying pints instead of halves to make sure they got their share! The pub would then have to close until the next delivery.
I also have fond memories from the George as my grandparents and Uncle Ted were still there when Mum was married and we lived in a cottage at the bottom of the garden of the pub. The cottage was named "Bream View" and it is still there now, with the name on the gate, but with a new roof and significantly extended!"
(October 2005) - Evelyn left The George in 1955

Yorkley Cinema

Further down the hill towards Pillowell, the Bandhut was once home to Yorkley Cinema. The Ad is from November 1915.

Gillian Hankin added (August 2013): "... Edith Jones was my great grandmother, her daughter also Edith Jones married Isaac Herbert,who had the Stag Inn, Yorkley where my mother was born. They eventual took over the White Horse in Mitcheldean where sadly they all died, within a few years of one another. I would love to know if anyone has any information of this family as I am unable to trace any descendents".

Carol Cox added (July 2014): "In the 1960's I spent many happy hours visiting my aunt and uncle, Merle & Edwin Brown at the Bailey Inn. My grand-mother Sarah Jones lived just down the road in a small cottage named City House. My aunt, Florrie Watts lived at Laurel Villa, School Road, Pillowell. I have very happy memories of visiting relatives in the Forest of Dean".

Trina Beard added (September 2016): "... I too recall visiting at least one of the pubs the family owned, I think it was Uncle Franks? My grandmother was Gladys who sadly died in 1939. My father was Ron Ellis. If anyone has any memories I would love for them to get in touch. I have loads of information on the family and have just published a book which incorporates the Browns. Regards Trina Beard (nee Ellis)".

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