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The Bailey Inn and the Lydney Road at Yorkley

Yorkley, The Bailey

The Bailey at Yorkley looking towards the school.

The school is the 6th building along on the right and is still in use.The road sign is an old-fashioned school sign.

Thanks to Ron Beddis (Jan 2006) who added: "Mr Ike and Mrs Lucy Price lived in the cottage on the left. The small shop next to the Bailey Public House was used as a barbers by Mr Roy Mills. The Coburn's lived in the next house, and the adjoining house was occupied by Mr Ron Gwynne"
Ron also added (August 2008): ""My grandparents 'Shem' and Stella Beddis owned the village shop (part let out to GP's Dr Henry and Dr Edwards) which is just off to the left hand side of the photo".

Someone added (Feb 2009): "About 1974 Mrs Price's house was turned in to a clothes shop. It was called 'Brentone Styles' and was owned by Brenda and Tony Harrison".

Jane Elson added (Jan 2014): "... the house next to school belonged to my grandparents - Roy and Bernice Gunter at one time. There was also a sweet shop next door run by mum's Granny Jones. Mother was Daphne Gunter and her two brothers were Trevor and Cecil".

Thanks also to Terry Mills who added (May 2009): "The small shop left of the pub,was my father's hairdressing shop. He was George Mills. Roy Mills was his younger brother".

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