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Yorkley rugby team in the 1956 - 1957 season.

Yorkley RFC

Row 3: 1 Maurice Coburn , 2 Keith Trafford , 3 Bryan Davis , 4 Ken Beddis , 5 Bobby Evans.
Row 2: 1 Brian Davies (wearing tie), 2 Des Stratford , 3 Ron Ellway , 4 Peter Knowles , 5 Ted Davis , 6 Claud Jefferys, 7 Fred Thomas, 8 Graham Price , 9 Mr ? Thomas (wearing cap).
Row 1: (all seated) 1 Malcolm Dunn, 2 Mike James, 3 Alan Price, 4 Graham Sandford, 5 Keith Stratford .

The Yorkley rugby team changed at the George pub and played on a field at James' farm. The photo was taken outside the George, looking uphill. Behind them may be an overgrown spoil heap from a coal mine.

Thanks also to Ian Watts, Dan Hinton and Ron Ellway.

Ron Ellway added (Feb 2009): "... Before I became a player, I watched the local doctor play centre for Yorkley. He was a powerful runner and difficult to tackle on the occasions when he held on to the ball. The touchline cries of 'give him a bread basket and some sticky paper' were not music to his ears. In every day life he wore thick dark rimmed glasses. I watched the teams line up for the kick off of the next match, when several cries went up from the opposition. 'My God who is the man in the mask?'. 'Are Yorkley fielding the Lone Ranger?'. The doctor had cut a piece from an old black lorry tyre inner tube, fashioned some holes for his eyes and ears, and pulled it over his head to protect and retain his glasses. The man in the mask was lined up ready to receive the ball. Unfortunately he had failed to perceive that his peripheral vision would be impaired and there was little improvement, but he had created a psychological advantage by scaring the hell out of the opposing team. I can,t remember if we won.  Ron".

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