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Cottages at Yorkley near the Pillowell road.


Yorkley, photo by Kelly Imm.

Thanks to Kelly Imm who researched this photo and was given the following information by Mrs L Marshall who has always lived in Yorkley. Sunny View, the cottage (front left) has always been in the Marshall family. The wooden shed used to be Mr Wards shoeshop and was previously a dressmakers. The house on left Mrs Marshall thinks was knocked down for the council houses on the main road, the band hut is beyond it.
The house on the right is Arley ? House and Walnut Tree Cottage (which use to be a sweet shop). It is split into two, so each house has two roof pitches.
The house behind Sunny View is still there, as is the top house with the tall chimneys - this used to be the butchers. Opposite this and not in photos is land where Kears Bakery was located. It now has hundreds of houses on it. The brook in front of Sunny View is the boundary between Yorkley and Pillowell.
Steve Cooper added: "Graham Ward ... has confirmed that the wooden shed was his father Fred Ward's cobblers shop, and was built about 1930. It was demolished sometime in the 1970's. The front cottage was occupied by Jack Marshall".
This dates the photo at some time after 1930.

Thanks also to John Marchant who added (Sept 2007): "The sweet shop was run by Mrs. Fennell. The cobblers shop was subsequently used by Rex Watkins as storage for second hand furniture prior to the shop being demolished".

Ron Ellway added (Feb 2009): "... I have remembered some incidents about Fred Ward's workshop. When I was in my early teens Fred Ward's workshop was a meeting place as he often worked until past nine at night. I was fascinated by how he imbibed a mouthful of nails which later appeared one by one, always presented the right way round. Despite this he carried on a conversation which was punctuated by his rhythmic hammering. Seating was limited to several Orange Boxes and much cunning distraction was employed to lure an encumbant away from a seat. Fred told me this had continued for many years and how in my father's time he decided to teach them a lesson. He rigged up a mechanism which propelled the point of his cobblers awl up through one of the boxes and was operated by pulling on a black waxed thread. My father had conned himself on to the hot seat when Fred gave a sharp tug on the line. With a yell of pain the unfortunate recipient leapt to his feet".
"A frequent visitor to Fred,s was an old man. He had suffered a mental illness and spent some time in an institution.The conversation was on football and the old man's opinion was not well received. 'Shut up you silly old bugger, thou bis,nt the ticket' said one of the boys. The old man reached into his coat pocket and produced a piece of paper, replying that unlike them he had written proof that he was alright".

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