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Some Forest of Dean people?

Unknown foresters

Beverley wrote: "... I thought you might like these pictures of forest people. They are family pictures but we don't know anyone. Not sure who they are? Maybe someone might know and help us out? Photo number 1 (top photo) - the 5th person from the left is William Harold Jones from Yorkley.

Ladies standing at back: 1,2.
Seated at table L to R: 1,2 Brian Price, 3, 4 Doug Guest, 5 William Harold Jones, 6 Mr Maynard Griffiths, 7 Cynthia Price, 8 Mr Harold James.

Photo 1 (top): Joyce Baxter added: "... 1st person from right Mr Harold James, 3rd person from right Mr Maynard Griffiths 2nd person from left with head over the flowers could be Brian or Alan Price but not sure"
Ian Thomas added: "The lady second from the right is ... Cynthia Price from Lydney" and Mike Redman added "... fifth person from right is Doug Guest ".
Ian Watts added "... it is Brian Price. First person from right is Harold James known locally as 'Smirk'".

Photo 2 (middle photo): .

Photo 3 ((bottom photo): Dave Nash added: "... the bottom photograph is of the wedding of George Hoare and his wife Nancy".

Thanks also to Ron Beddis and Lawrence Sillet.

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