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Members of Yorkley Onward Band in 1925.

image: Band of Hope band

Row 3: 1 Bill Lee, 2 Wallace Watkins, 3 William Ellway, 4 William Akers, 5 Frank "Buller" Thomas, 6 Ivor Ellway, 7 Percy Evans, 8 Harold Hale, 9 Stan Willetts, 10 Roland Green, 11 Arthur Trafford.
Row 2: 1 (with drum) Will Watts, 2 Bert Jones, 3 Harold Jones, 4 George Morse, 5 George Searle, 6 Tom Morse, 7 Sid Akers, 8 Enos Truman, 9 John Jones, 10 Ernie Thomas.
Row 1: 1 (seated) Jack Jones, 2 Sam Akers, 3 Jim Truman, 4 Arnold Marshall, 5 (boy behind cup) Graham Watkins, 6 Horace Jones (Conductor), 7 Omer Jones, 8 Albert Marshall, 9 Bert Williams, 10 Bert Nelmes.
Glenice wrote (June 2007): "Band of Hope I believe a colliery silver band. The young cornet player in the middle row is Graham Watkins - I believe he was a relative of the Ellways roughly the same age as my brothers, as my uncle Ivor Ellway in the back row 6th from the right emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1930".

Thanks also to Graham Ward for help with the names.

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