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Some people of Whitecroft, Gloucestershire.

Whitecroft people

Top - left to right: I think these first two carnival pictures were taken at Pillowell in the early 1930s. The first is of a band and the second left to right of Sheila Phipps and Marion Luker.

The photo middle left was taken on a day at the seaside probably Weston-Super-Mare, about 1930. Back row Dolly Wilding, front row left to right, Marion Luker, Sheila Phipps and Robert Watkins. Next is Whitecroft Memorial Hall.

Bottom left - this photo is of my father Percy Phipps in 1918. My father enlisted in the army in 1915, this was deferred under the Lord Derby Scheme. He finally entered the army in 1918 and trained as a gunner with the Royal Field Artillery. He was posted to France on Nov 11th 1918. He was attached to the 17th Northern Division and was stationed with them in Belgium and France. He was demobbed In 1919.

Bottom middle - This picture shows at the back Percy Davies. ... I am told the man sitting on the left is Arthur Havers. ... Ellen Watkins added: Man in white trousers is Jim Thomas.

Bottom right - This photo shows Laura Phipps (Aunty Doll) on the left hand side with niece Edna Phipps. I think this was taken in the 1920s.

Top far right - this picture shows Percy and Edith Phipps on the 'Big Mount' in 1926.

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