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Whitecroft Chapel in the last year as a chapel - 2004.

Whitecroft Chapel closing

Robert wrote: "... thought these photos may be of interest. As no doubt you know Whitecroft Chapel closed in 2004 and has been converted into dwellings. Some of the photos are of the congregation in the last days, whether people would like their names mentioned I don't know, I don't mind, it's me Robert Watkins at the organ which I once played amongst many more over the years, ..."

Rob at the organ
Rob at the organ at Whitecroft Chapel

Sheila Bevan added: "... Robert has mentioned that many people have played the organ over the years. Our Aunty Gert Phipps was organist during our childhood. She played the organ at many of our cousin's weddings including mine in 1952. She was able to peep through the curtain and get a grandstand view of the proceedings".

Rachel Caldwell added: "... I remember Uncle Robert playing the organ very enthusiastically and as a small child hiding behind the curtain sitting with him watching him in action, most impressive, except the service was a bit long and I ended up fast asleep despite the loud noise from both the organ and the congregation. To this day I have never seen any organist as animated and enthused as Uncle Robert".

Jane Elson added: "... Oh yes, lots of memories of times at Whitecroft Chapel with Uncle Robert, Aunty Mabel and the Lawrences with their three wheeler. Like Rachel, I always remember Uncle Robert's animated playing of the organ when Sunday School went into the big church occasionally. We were always so proud to say he was our uncle and all the kids loved him up there".

Pauline ... added (Dec 2013): "... I was christened at this chapel in 1960, born to Esme Harris (daughter of Harry Harris) and Ron Griffiths! Mum and Dad were married here in 1958! Sadly in 2001 mum died and we brought her back to the chapel from Bournemouth for her funeral! I was sad to learn the chapel has now gone! I also remember Aunty Mabel very well".

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