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Whitecroft rugby team at the Miners Arms in 1930.

Whitecoft RFC

Whitecroft RFC, 1930

Thanks also to John Wilding. John was able to find a press cutting in his "big heap" filing system and confirm the names and that the occasion was the Dilke Cup Final of 1930 when Whitecroft beat Yorkley at Bream 3 - 0.

Row 4: 1 Will Shingle , 2 Will Brown.
Row 3: 1 Jim Clements, 2 Matt Morgan, 3 ?, 4 Charlie Walker, 5 Fred Pearce , 6 Fred Phipps , 7 (standing behind) Stan Dawe , 8 Cyril Price, 9 (in suit) ?.
Row 2: 1 Clifton Moore, 2 Will Dawe , 3 Riley Wildin , 4 Stan Wilding , 5 Sid Wilding .
Row 1: 1 Ralph Evans , 2 Eddie Ruck .

The cup in this photo is the Forest of Dean Combination Cup which Whitecroft won the previous season (1928-1929). Five of the players are wearing medals and one, Fred Pearce, a cap. The photo was taken at the Miners Arms, Whitecroft, where the team changed, They played on a field at the nearby Whitecroft Pin Factory.
The photo was taken by Morton of Parkend.
Keith Plain of the Gloucestershire Rugby Football Union kindly researched the records to see if Fred's cap was a county cap, but no Whitecroft players with county caps could be found for this period. The most likely explanation is that the letters on the cap say WRFC (for Whitecroft RFC), but they are not sufficiently legible in the original photo to confirm this. Below the 4 letters are 2 more words : ???? ??, which may be ESTB ??.
Maureen Hill, Fred's daughter was able to clear this up: "I have the Cap it was worn by Dad as he was the Vice Captain.The Cap is Gold & Black Velvet. On the Cap is W.R.F.C. 1927-1928. The Badge [medal on Fred's jersey] reads Whitecroft >R.F.C.< Cup Winners >1928-1929< F.Pearce. Vice Captain.".

Thanks also to Pamela Milan.

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