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Members of Viney Hill football team in the 1919-1920 season.

A photo of Viney Hill AFC taken in 1920

Back Row: Top right is William Phillips
Front Row: 4 Moses Edgar ("Joe") Norris, 5 Joe Seddon, 6 Arthur "Sandy" Turley

Anne Norris added: "... The person sat third from the right is my grandfather, Moses Edgar Norris, known as Joe. He was married to Gladys and lived at Viney Hill until his death in the late 1960's".

Roger Smith added (March 2014) "... 5 Front is Joe Seddon 6 Front is Arthur (Sandy) Turley. Joe Seddon was a very good local player. He emigrated to Toronto in the 1920's. On a visit to Lydney in the 1980's, when I actually met him. He was badly injured in a road accident in Lydney and sadly never recovered from his injuries".

Kevin Williams aded (October 2015): ... "Front row 6 , Arthur Turley was my grandfather, I have his Medals from these years..... Died when I was 5. Did'nt know he was called Sandy...".

Thanks also to Geraldine Blakeley.

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