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The Local Defence Volunteers, Viney Hill Platoon.

Viney Hill Army

Row 5: 1, Ern Smith. 2, Ron Savage. 3,.
Row 4: 1, 2 Sidney Lowe, 3, 4, Ern Drew 5, France Turley.
Row 3: 1,. 2,. 3, Bill Morgan. 4,. 5,. 6 Stanley Lowe.
Row 2: 1, Arthur Barnfield. 2 Derek Saunders,. 3, Arthur Havers. 4,. 5,.
Row 1: 1, 2, Ernest Crump (retired P.C.) 3, Rev Williams. 4, Bert Needham. 5, Jack Martin.

Roger wrote: "... These were the Viney Hill Platoon of The Local Defence Volunteers, or shortened to L.D.V., lovingly refered to as 'Look, Duck and Vanish'  Most of the men worked in the forest coalmines which was deemed a reserved occupation ... this photo was taken on the steps of Viney Hill Vicarage now the Christian Adventure Centre, behind the church".

Thanks also to Judith McNamara.

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