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Redbrook football team in the late 1890s.

Redbrook AFC

Rear: 1 ?, 2 S.Dovey, 3 ?, 4 ?, 5 J.Parry, 6 J.Blanch, 7 W.Price, 8 William Bamford, 9 W.Freeman, 10?.
Front: 1 ?, 2 F.Freeman, 3 Milson Dovey, 4 Ernest Dovey.

Fred Beech added (August 2009): "...I believe this photo may be a little later than said. William Bamford was 13 in 1901.  I believe No 3 (from the right? - Ed.) is the earliest photo I have seen of my grandfather age 15 in 1901 with the beginnings of a mustache which he kept all his life. No 6 could be John Blanch living the Scowles 1901. The Dovey brothers in 1901 are Samuel 25 newly married to Bessie, Milson 20, and Ernest 15.  Brother Albert appears in the 1906-07 team.  I would guess the photo was taken 1902-03.  Of course the year isn't that important, the fact that names are included is a big plus".

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