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A General view of Redbrook in the 1920's.


Phil wrote: "... There is plenty to observe in this photograph. The current Football Pitch was just a hollowed area which has yet to be filled with years of Ash & Clinker dumped by the Tinworks. Further along the old Warehouse can be seen together with piles of Timber on the site of the old Hudson boatyard. The other striking feature is the lack of tree growth next to the river....very different from today".

Mike Jones added (July 2011): "... Pretty sure Phil wo'nt mind my mentioning this but another change perhaps not so evidently visible is that the tipping subsequently restricted the flow to such extent that the Wye River Board had to take the Penalt bank back some considerable way. The extent of the excavation and the outline of the river bank as shown in the picture is ocasionally visible at extremely low river levels. The result of the reletively shallow excavation caused a backwash on the Redbrook side which caused considerable problems when in circa 1982/3 Welsh Water piped the treated discharge from Newland Sewage Works to an outfall point pretty well in the centre of the back wash causing treated sewage effluent to back up and cause quite a smell in the village. I had not long bought the Tinplate Works then and was running a civil engineering and mining business from there. W.W. aproached me to do some emergency works to extend the end of the outfall into the centre of the river flow and place a row of 10 ton boulders in line with the flow so as to flush part of it through the backwater. The boulders are still in place and it solved the problem. The boulders were taken out of the disused Shakemantel Quarry purchased through the Deputy Gaveller some considerable time after the quarry had closed",

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