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Pillowell School rugby team in 1925.

Pillowell School 1925

Pillowell School 1925

Row 3: 1 Gerald L Kear, 2,3 Jacob Hook ,4,5.
Row 2: 1,2, 3 Alec Luker,4, 5 Russell Elsmore.
Row 1: 1,2,3,4,5.

Teacher Mr Jones.

On the rugby ball is written "Pillowell School 1924-5"

J Hammond added (July 2009): "... Gerald Kear (aged 12) was tragically killed in an accident in July 1925, probably not long after this photograph was taken".

Margaret Morgan added (November 2010): "... The boy in the top row Gerald Kear was my mother's younger brother, my uncle. Mum told us as children they were all playing in the woods when Gerald fell on a dry fern and it pierced his heart. He was dead before they got him home".

Thanks also to Roger Hook and Sheila Bevan.

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