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Parkend School-children and Staff at the Parkend School Oak.

Parkend School at the Parkend School Oak tree.

This may be the last photo of the School Oak and probably the last picture of the school sitting under it for a photo.

12 Dean Turley, 57 is Jennifer Pensom, 64 Marion Williams (Head Teacher), 66 Eva Hook, taught the Infants, 67 Maud Dawson, taught standard 1 & 2, lower juniors, 69 Beryl Badman, part time teacher, mostly of music,

Thanks also to : Ruth Reed, Carole Warren and Terry James.

Key to the Parkend School photo.


The Parkend School Oak.

Steve added - "The tree was photographed by Doug Wallace from Parkend Post Office. A section from the tree was exhibited at Beechenhurst for the 50th anniversary of the Forestry Commission in 1969. It was planted c. 1612".

"... The tree was felled on 15 November 1968 for safety reasons. The bole weighing c. 15 tons was solid and the timber sound. ... ring counting by Mr M C Fletcher of the Forestry Commission gave a starting date of 1657 ..." (New Regard No 2, Pg 15)

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