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Rossiter and James vehicles.

Rositer and James, Parkend

Rossiter and James lorries and Weston Transport vehicles - which were part of Rossiter and James, Parkend. The 2 men in the 6th photo were John Dibbell (left) and Pat Howles (right).

Rossiter & James and Western Transport
1- Building was on site of RMA Car Sales. 2 - Reg No: 726 EYG
3 - Rossiter & James
Reg No: VDF 896J.
4 - Reg No: 726 EYG
5 - Reg No: VDF 896 J. 6 - Reg Nos:
RDD 281 G (ERF),
XCJ 963, (Atkinson)
OAD 943 F. (ERF)
The 2 ERF lorries have Rolls Royce engines.
John Dibbell (left) and Pat Howles (right)
7 - Weston Transport 8 - Rossiter & James
Reg No: EDD 349 L - Atkinson lorry has a 180 Gardiner Engine.

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