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Remploy staff at Parkend.

Remploy, Parkend


Remploy staff.

1 Terry Beddis, 7 Margaret Pearce?, 23 Leslie Worgan from Broadwell, 26 Gerald Lenagan from Coleford, 29 Mary Giles, 31 ? Liddington of Lydney, 32 Geoffrey Bennett, 36 Brian Johnson , 40 Byron Richards 41 Tim Giles, 43 John Samuel Mills(maintenance staff),

Roger Matthews added the following story about one of the people in the photo: "... Back in the Sixties, my Dad was a chargehand at Remploy. Through him, I met Fred*. He had learning difficulties, but was a lovely, gentle and trusting young man".

" I joined the Met Police, and in 1968, as a Detective Constable, I encountered Fred* one morning in what was known as "The Cage" at Marylebone Magistrate's Court. It was where prisoners were held prior to going into court. I was absolutely astonished! He recognised me, too and we had a chat. It transpired he'd been arrested by a very ambitious Sergeant, for possessing an offensive weapon - a small penknife! Absolute nonsense. Luckily, I knew the Sergeant. I spoke to him, and he agreed to offer no evidence. A very grateful, if bewildered Fred* had no means of returning home, because he had literally no money. I took him to Paddington station, bought him a ticket and put him on a train. I gave him a couple of pounds too. I phoned my Dad at Remploy, outlined the story and told him what time the train would be arriving at Gloucester. Dad was as amazed as I'd been! But he arranged for Fred* to be picked up".

"A few weeks later, I went to visit my parents, and obviously the episode cropped up. No one had any idea of how or why Fred* found himself in the West End of London. The consensus was that he had probably hitch-hiked. But there were no suggestions as to why he would have done so. Very touchingly, he'd insisted to my Dad that he'd pay ne back - and had handed over a couple of pounds. I told Dad to just hand it back. He did. I'll not forget Fred*!".

*This is a true story but Fred is not the person's real name.

Thanks also to Tim Rogers, Dave Nash, Janet Kear, Barrie Mapps, Robin Phelps and H J Warren.

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