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Parkend Railway Station in 1965.

Parkend 1965

This photo appeared in a scrapbook produced by members of Parkend Women's Institute in 1965. The photo was taken on 31st December 1965 which was the last day a steam train went through Parkend station. In the scrapbook they wrote:

"... Years ago this was a passenger line from Coleford to Lydney, stopping at Parkend and Whitecroft. Many happy day excursions were enjoyed by Parkend families to Barry Island, Porthcawl and Weston-super-Mare. In later years the line was limited to goods trains only, bringing coal and stone to Lydney from the Forest. Now the diesel monster has superseded the steam train and on the last day of the year a little knot of boys, and one lone man watched the last steam train pass through".

Mr "Ted" Cox of New Road, Bream operated his coal delivery business from here and the lorry in the distance may have belonged to him - Ed.

Kevin Burke added: "... The boy closest to the lines with his right hand held slightly up is Dave Betterton. He and his brother Robin 'Bobe' lived in the house facing the picture next to the railway box".

Robin Betterton added: "... Yes this is the last steam train leaving Parkend station. The people watching this sad event are Stan Betterton, Dave Betterton, Robin Betterton, Alan Wright and Michael Wright (hidden)".

Bob Barnett added (November 2017): "... The guard with shunting pole is Bill Gregory, being watched by fireman Gordon Turley. The other crew members that day were guard Bill Robbins and driver Jack Smith. Two guards worked trains on the Coleford and Bullo lines due to heavy trains of coal and stone on the steep gradients, one in the brake van and the other pegging down wagon brakes or shunting duties. The line beyond Parkend closed in 1967. Traffic continued from Marsh Sdgs (Parkend) until 1976, being first worked with class 14 diesel-hydraulics from January 1966 after steam finished.

Thanks also to Averil Kear."

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