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The Parkend Pike House in 1888.

Parkend Pike House

Alan wrote (October 2007) : "The Pike House at Parkend was 'manned' by my great, great grandmother, Mary Young, seen standing in the doorway; to her right I believe is her granddaughter, Emma Roberts.
The photo is dated 1888.
Notice also the rail lines of the Oakwood tramway running across the road in front of the Pike House. The Oakwood tramway ran from Parkend to China Bottom via Mill Hill, Bream.

Yorkley Pike House

This one - in Parkend Road, Yorkley, was manned by my great grandparents, William and Jane Everett - Jane was Mary Young's daughter!

In the photo are my father, his cousin Mary James and aunts Molly Everett and Annie James, Mary's mother.

The photo is dated around 1924 the year William Everett died".

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