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Wedding Photo Of Agness Pace And Fred Cotterell.

Pace family

Wedding Photo Of Agness Pace And Fred Cotterell At St Pauls Parish Church August 30th 1915

Keith wrote (June 2010): "... Fred used to run Cotterell Coaches, Fred is the 2nd one in on the middle row, and next to him on the right is Agness Pace, on the back row is Alice Powell, Leonard Pace, Harry Pace, Beatrice Pace, in 1928 Beatrice was charged with the murder of Harry Pace, it went to court, but ... she was aquitted ...All the names of the people in the picture were given to me by Flossie Pace who was the sister of Harry Pace."

Row 3 (standing left to right) 1,Alice Powell, 2,Leonard Pace, 3,Harry Pace, 4,Elizabeth Porter-nee Pace, 5,Beatrice Pace, 6,Charles Porter,7, 8,
Row 2 (sitting on chiars) : 1 Sarah Powell, 2 Fred Cotterell, 3 Agness Pace, 4 Leah Pritchard (nee Pace).
(Front) Row 1: 1 Jim Pace, 2 Elton Pace, 3 Sidney Reginald Pritchard Pace, 4 Frederick Pritchard (in uniform)

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