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Wilfred Jackson at Blantons Garage, Newnham

image: Wilfred Jackson in Newnham

Noel added (May 2007): ".... Mr Wilfred Jackson when he was apprenticed to Blantons Garage in Newnham High Street. As well as serving his apprenticeship, Mr Jackson also performed the duty of Chauffeur. According to the rear of the photo, he was just 19 years of age at the time. This would date the photo to 1929".

Bev Nash added (June 2007): " I bought what was Blantons Garage from Alan and Barbara Allsop, and they lived in the home next door, where you can see the child in the doorway peeking out. They had converted the property into a home and at first I rented it, then I bought it. It always had odd bits of pipe and metal work in the floors and walls. Mr.Jackson appears to be standing inside, in what became the living room. I sold it around 1988 and bought a home down
the street at Mornington Terrace".

Chris Martin added (April 2016): "... Are you sure this is Blantons garage, I think it was owned and run by Fred Burcher".

Julian Oxley added (March 2018): "... Yes, Fred Burcher, remember him well".

Mervyn Smith added (January 2019): "... Fred Burcher bought the garage from Blanton, Fred finally Closed the business in June 1974 but carried on with his business of Undertaking And Taxi service until ... 1993".

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