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Bullo Pill Great Western Railway Staff.

Bullo Pill

Bullo Pill G.W.R. (Great Western Railway) staff c 1920.

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Thanks to David Morris who added (Jan 2007): "The message was : The gentleman extreme left,holding a long handled hammer, was probably the man who walked the length of the train tapping the wheels testing them for cracks. The man holding the hooked pole would be designated a shunter. The twirley hook on the end of the pole was used to lift the large chain link onto the hook of the adjacent carriage or goods truck. To save a walk the shunter's would place the pole into the wheel mechanism, and sit on it as the train moved slowly in the yard" .

Thanks also to Ian Pope who added (Mar 2007) "The date is much earlier, I would have thought turn of the century or earlier. Bullo Pill was only ever a goods station but even so had its own station master, seen seated in the centre. The two signalmen holding the train staffs would have been for Bullo East and Bullo West Signal Boxes. There are probably a couple of shunters in the view, certainly one has his shunter's pole. Some are probably drivers off Bullo Shed (some of those behind the seated figures) but no fireman appears to have got into the photo apart from the youngster at the back holding an oil can and another chap in the lighter overalls. There will be some goods guards and number takers also. I have not seen a staff list for Bullo anywhere....I would imagine that one of the drivers on the photo would be Harry Askew who was well-known on the Forest of Dean Branch".

Thanks to Ann Gardner who added (Mar 2009): "... 3rd row (young boy) could be my grandad Bob Trigg who would have been 19 and was a fireman. In the 1st row, 2nd from the left is my great grandfather Harry Askew".

Roy Drew added (August 2017): "... If the lad at the back is Bob (William Robert George) Trigg his d.o.b. is 13th June 1900. Harry Askew's daughter Freda married Bob Trigg and lived their whole life in Bullo having two sons, Sonny and Raymond. Bob is the younger brother of my grandfather Wilfrid Reginald ("Canon") Boucher-Trigg, which makes him my great uncle".

Ann Gardner added (November 2017): "... Yes Roy you are right with your info, Sonny was my father, Bob was my grandfather, and Harry Askew was my great grandfather. Bob and Freda were married for 75 years and lived in the cottage by the side of the Bullo dock line all their married life. I also was born there".

Annette Cooper added (November 2018): "... Was hoping one of the men might be my grandfather, Edward Drew who lived in Bullo Pill and was a wheeltapper and shunter. He was born late 1800s so would have been quite young if this pic was taken in the 1920s. He also had brothers who worked for GWR. Some years ago my sister took my late mother to Bullo Pill to see where her father had lived. They met some of the Trigg family who still lived in one of the cottages and remembered the Drew family".

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