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A photo from 1890-1900 showing the station staff at Milkwall*, Gloucestershire.

An old image of staff at a Forest of Dean railway station

* now not thought to be Milkwall - see below:

William added "... Photo attached of staff on Milkwall Station circa 1890-1900. As you look at the image Oliver Horwood (1871-1925), the Stationmaster is third from left with braided hat and watch chain. I don't know the area or station site but relatively easy research would establish a) that this is that station and b) at what date Oliver Horwood was working there, as this would date the image more precisely. I understand he worked in many of the Forest stations".
What I do know is that he died aged 52 and had three children, my father being Frederick Chesney Horwood (born 1904), the others being his sisters, one of whom we knew as Auntie Gyp (married to Frank Fletcher) and the other, I think, was known as Ivy".

"If any of your readers/site visitors can confirm or add to the above I'd be grateful".

Ian Pope added: "... By comparison of photographs and position/style/size of door and location of downpipes notice boards etc I can say with some certainty that the station is Whitecroft.

In 1891 Oliver Horwood was a porter at Woodchester on the Midland.
In October 1895 he was signalman at Berkeley
In April 1898 signalman at Sharpness
Then he disappears, he can be found on the 1901 census down Thornbury way.
I cannot find when he returns to the Joint Line or in what capacity but
1911 sees him as a station master at Milkwall
October 1912 salary increased from 27s to 30s per week
1 October 1913 salary increased 30s to 32s
As from the 7th May 1914 he took on the tenancy of Station House, Whitecroft, thus had become station master at Whitecroft which would tie in with the photograph.".

Jeff Jones found: "... Oliver's 1891 Census record shows he was a 19 yr old railway porter, living in Stroud High Street with his family, his father William is a railway platelayer. His next available census, 1901, shows he was a Railway Signalman. He's living with his wife Laura and baby daughters at Wanswell, a village near Berkeley Railway station. This means he may have been working locally to Berkeley, but being so near the Severn Rail Bridge hence easy access to Lydney he may have been working in the Forest. The next available census, 1911, shows he is now a Station Master, presumably at Milkwall where he is now living with wife Laura and children, Ivy, Iris and Frederick. Daughter Iris' Baptism record at Coleford in 1911 confirms he was a Station Master, they were residents of Milkwall. The 1914 Kelly's Trade Directory confirms he was Station Master at Milkwall, as does son Frederick's baptism record a month later. I cannot find Ivy's baptism record. I don't have a full subscription, but the Ancestry website appears to hold other Directory images, one shows Oliver as Station Master at Whitecroft, but what date ?. His burial record at Parkend in 1925 shows he was resident at Whitecroft, perhaps while he was Station Master there ?. Ancestry also appears to have a mention of him in their Railway Employment Records, I don't know what detail they hold. All these and more online Ancestry records are available f-o-c at most public librairies".
"Comparison of this photo with others show this is not Milkwall station. As normal for the FoD Milkwall's building was of wooden construction, but at 20' long with less windows, was even smaller than William's photo. See the other photo of Milkwall station on this site, which is also in Ian Pope's excellent book, "S&W Railway Volume 3". Milkwall's smaller building was at the station from opening of the branch in 1875 until it was mysteriously burnt down in 1923, when the Station Master was a Mr W.J.Roberts. It was replaced by a red brick building. I think the building shown in this, William's, photo is rather similar to Whitecroft station, see photo on this Sungreen site, it's door frame is also lower than the window frames, whereas Milkwall's are all the same height. I also doubt a station as tiny as Milkwall would have so many staff as in this photo".

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