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A Milkwall Club outing to Barry Island in 1950.

A photo of Milkwall people on a trip to Barry

... this photograph of Milkwall Club Outing  to Barry Island, taken I think in 1950. It belonged to my mother Mrs Elsie Hoare of Milkwall".

(Brian) John Bunker added: "... Oh how we loved the British Rail Excursions every summer. Effortless fun - when one or more parent could hop on a train and get to the beach. Barry Island was the most common, but every now and again we'd go to Porthcawl and once even to Weston-Super-Mare (Mud) (which must have been before 1960 when the Severn Railway Bridge went up). Quite often, someone else's kids in tow - sandwiches wrapped in grease-proofed paper and a thermos flask - if we weren't having Corona pop. Tanner (6d) in your pocket in case candy floss was on offer. No thought of foreign holidays back then".

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