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Milkwall Club, Barry Island Outing 1949/50.

Barry Trip


The picture shows members and children of Milkwall Club about to board several buses leaving for the annual outing to Barry Island 1949/50.

1 Joan Humphries. 2 Arthur Dowler. 3, 4 Jill Poulton. 5 Mrs Poulton, 6 Mr Neil Smith, 7 Mart Witts. 8 Mrs Neil Smith, 9 Mr. Bill Hoare, 10 Mrs Bill Hoare, 11, 12 Hilary Hoare, 13 Elsie Hoare, 14 Joan Hoare. 15 Anita Hoare, 16 Joan Samuel, 17 Jill Hoare, 18 Reg Hoare, 19 Mrs Adams, 20 Vic Gaulder, 21 Mrs Bilk Jordan, 22, 23, 24 Davis, 25, 26 Mrs Davis, 27 Jean Powles, 28, 29 Farr, 30 Sandra Hoare. 31 Barry Gaulder. 32 Gaulder. 33 Lorraine Hoare. 34 Gary Hoare. 35 Freda Samuel. 36 Trevor Mein. 37 Greta Samuel, 38 Shirley Smith, 39 Norma Samuel, 40, 41 Shirley Smith Brenda Dowler, 42 John Witts. 43 Bill Poulton, 44 John Dowler.

Fred Cook added (October 2013): "... Correction: No 21 is not Mrs Bilk Jordan (who would have been only 30 in 1949). The real Mrs Bilk Jordan is at Although, there may be some passing resemblance, I am confident about this correction as Joan Jordan was my late aunt.

Thanks also to Daphne Worgan, Joan Morgan , Norma Blowey, Lila Rowe, Ivor Ellis, Norman Cole, Dave Nash and Sue Vidovic.

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