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Wollastone County Primary School c 1927 - 1929.

Woolaston School

For some reason this school was named Wollastone County Primary School when it was re-established. This name found its' way onto school text books and must have been very confusing to young pupils learning to spell. Thanks to Ethel Blake (nee Kingston) and Mark Leach for helping with the names.

Row 4 : 1 George Pritchard, 2 Edwin Tyrell , 3 Ken Powell / Frank Biggs ??, 4 Les Davies, 5 Bob Martin (previously identified as Ivor Smith and Fred Ball), 6 Ken Page.
Row 3 : 1 Cornelius Jones (Head Teacher), 2 Harold Godwin, 3 Jack Cooper. 4 George Reeks, 5 Walter Marsh, 6 Ken Beal 7 Walter Bob Escourt (student teacher)
Row 2 : 1 Elsie Beable, 2 Evelyn Stinchcombe , 3 Annis Frowen, 4 Ethel (Biddy) Higgs, 5 Florrie Edwards , 6 Gladys Tyrrell, 7 Vera Tyrell, 8 Rocky ? George / John Dorrington ?.
Row 1 : 1 Molly Reeks, 2 Ethel Mary Kingston, 3 Olive Pritchard, 4 Bettie Butfield, 5 Eileen Birchall, 6 Gladys Biggs, 7 Winnie Ball ( previously identified as Ivy Beale), 8 Nancy Smith.

Pete Clark added (June 2010): "... Winnie Ball went on to Marry Harold Clark of Woolaston. She passed away in 2008 aged 95".

Thanks also to Cathy Rowlands.

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