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Woolaston Welfare Clinic Party

The photo was probably taken in the Village Hall where the clinic ran. The date was about 1957..

Peter Essex added (Sept 2011): "... I wonder if anyone in or connected with Woolaston remembers the village copper Jim Ludlow who was there at about this time?. He and his wife Marge had three sons Andrew David and Philip two of whom are still alive though not locally. They were distant relatives of mine Marge having been my grandfathers niece or something like that. If memory serves me right the police house was on the left going towards Chepstow. Jim it's now safe to say kept piglets in the cell as well as growing gigantic brussels in the back garden".

Jennifer (nee Prakel) added (January 2012): "... yes I know thev Ludlows. I went to school with Philip. If i am right Philip wore glasses. I know them very well, Philip is the same age as me".

Peter Essex added (December 2012): "... I only just spotted the reply by Jennifer. I did remember that one of the Ludlow boys had glasses and I suspected it was Philip which Jennifer has now confirmed. Coincidentally I only discovered a couple of years ago that another distant relative of mine had recently gone to Lydney for the 90th birthday party of Jim Ludlow's widow Marge. My cousin David Essex relates how his mother would put him on the bus at Lydney to go and play with the three Ludlows the conductor being strictly instructed that David was to alight at the nearest stop to Woolaston police house. After all in those days every other bus from Lydney to Woolaston ended up in Cardiff".

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