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Watts Factors rugby team in 1947.

Watts rugby 1947

Watts Factors rugby team at Cinderford.

Back Row (row 2)
(1) Mr. Brain (2) Bill James (3) David Voss (4) John Morse (with arms on player in front) (5) Glanmor Martin (6) JimTaylor, (7) Keith Morgan 7 Don Penn , (8) Keith Thomas (9) Moggie Morgan, (10) John Nichols, (11) Dave Hodges (12) Ralf Lewis, (13) Don Saunders (14) Tony Wright (15) Mr. Hodges
Front Row
(1) Eric Barrett from Chepstow (2) Donald Davies (3) Owen James holding the ball (4) Alan Leech (5) Dennis Markey.

H J Warren added (Jan 2009) "I would say this is 1957, not 1947(as orignally stated - GD), and that number 3 in back row could be David Voss who lived in Tidenham?" .

Dave Nash added (Jan 2009): "I would say this is the rugby ground at Cinderford bridge. The reason being that I am fairly sure that it is St.John's church on top of the hill in the background".

Dennis Markey confirmed the location (Jan 2009): "The location is Cinderford, in the dip just after the Dilke". Dennis also added that "The year would be after 1949 because that is when he joined Watts".

Jim Taylor added (July 2009): "... Don Penn was a guest player on this occasion, and went on to play for Lydney. This photo was taken after 1950, when I was working at Watts Factors".

St Johns Church is shown in the back ground.

Thanks to Tony Joiner, Jim Taylor, Bert Davies, Glanmore Martin, David Dunn, Dennis Markey and Tyna Markey.

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