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Lydney Tinplate Workers c 1900

Image : Lydney Tinplate Workers c 1900 (59k)

Back Row : 1, 2 John Davis of Yew Tree Cottage - Aylburton, 3, 4 Alf Allsopp, 5, 6.
Front Row : 1 Alf Chivers, (Mrs Downing's father) , 2 Jimmy Hussey , 3 Arthur (Archie) Wood, 4.

Thanks to Bob Philpot who added (October 2010): "... Please can I correct an identification on this page which I believe is a copy of a LGS pamphlet which also contains the same minor error. Correction Back Row 1 is not Alf Allsopp. Back Row 4 is Alf Allsopp. Alfred Allsopp was my grandfather and Ev Dyals Uncle not father. This error has been known for some time but seeing it on the net does give me the opportunity to amend it".

Thanks also to Derek Tidmarsh and Rob Davis.

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