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The Severn Princess, a Severn Ferry.

Beachley Ferry

Severn Princess

Geoff wrote: "... In a recent photo thought to be of the Beachley Ferry, it was mentioned that there are plans to restore one of the ferries. This photo was taken in May 2003 on the bank outside the Severn Bridge Hotel, could it be the Princess?".

Thanks to Lesley Parker who added (August 2009): "... a friend who lives at Tutshill (near Chepstow) wrote this to me in December 2008: 'The Severn Princess is now on the Wye by Chepstow, between the old road bridge and the new one. They are struggling to get funding to restore it and are not having much luck . . . it's quite a thankless task at the moment. Leaving it by the old Severn Bridge was not a great idea as it got quite badly damaged and deteriorated due to the tides'."

Peter Essex added (August 2009): "... The wheelhouse is similar to what can be seen of the ferries in various others shots, and if that circular thing on the deck isn't a turntable for vehicles, then I can't imagine what it is.   If you add in the location of these remains, the evidence is not conclusive of being the Severn Princess, but any other explanation defies imagination given the scrapping of the other two boats shortly after the bridge opened".

Thanks also to John Wilcox who aded (August 2009): "You have probably had this from others but just to confirm this is the Severn Princess moored at Beachley after it's return from Ireland.  I understand from a recent local article in the paper that whilst at Beachley further damage was suffered and the plans to restore the ferryboat have come to nought.  It is now to become some sort of static exhibit in it's final resting place, high and dry, at Chepstow".

James Bevan added (October 2009):: "During my motor apprenticeship at Leyland Motors Ltd., Bristol in the early 1960's I helped rebuild the "Severn Princess" power units. These were twin Leyland 680 Diesels mounted Port & Starboard. They were adapted by  Ajax Marine. I did the work whilst she was undergoing overhaul at Samuel Hill's drydock in Bristol Harbour- close to where the SS Gt. Britain is on display".

Mervyn Fleming added (March 2012): "... This picture is of course of the Severn Princess after she was brought back from Ireland which is where she suffered most of the corrosion and damage. The picture shows her secured off the Old Ferry Inn at Beachley before an attempt was made to winch her above the tide line for preservation. This project did not work out and she was later towed around to the River Wye where she remains on the river bank just below the town. More information and pictures can be found at The Old Ferry Inn where they have a DVD of the salvage work in Ireland and the journey back to Chepstow".

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