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Primrose Hill C.C. August 1948. The Captain and Vice President

Primrose Hill CC 1948

Left: Worthy Bath, right: William Frank Essex.

Peter wrote: "... I don't know the name of the cricketer or quite where the shot was taken, but the man not in cricket gear is the my grandfather William Frank Essex, and the back of the photo states the following in what I believe to be his manuscript:- "Primrose Hill C.C. August 1948. The Captain and Vice President."

When my grandparents (WFE and Frances nee Sterrey) retired back to Lydney after his completion of service in the Metropolitan Police in 1938, they lived for a while in Allastone Road (number 23 at that time, I think, but someone who rang me from up there ... said the properties had now been renumbered) before moving down and settling at 42 Forest Road. I'm not remotely surprised to discover in 2010 that "Grampy", on top of his numerous other pursuits, was into the local cricket scene when I was pre-school.

Dave Dunn added "... I am probably wrong but I have a suspicion that the cricket player might be Worthy Bath who was a stalwart of Primrose Hill C. C. He also lived in Allastone Lane. I only knew him in the 1960s when he umpired regularly and even played an odd game. His son Ray Bath was captain then but I think I see a resemblance. The picture is probably in the cricket field which was located on Ted Liddington's farm on the second field away behind the Church and roughly where the new school is now. The team always had tea in the old school. There must be plenty of recorded material about the club even though they moved to Bathurst Park many years ago. Primrose Hill Football Club also played in the same field in those days. It would be nice to see some more material on the history of Primrose Hill C.C. ".

Max Wilkins added (November 2018): "... The gentleman on the left hand side in the photograph is Worthinton, 'Worthy Bath'. I played with him when I was very young in the 1950's. His son Raymond 'Ray' also played for the Club in the same era".

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