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Parkend, Gloucestershire, The Square.

The Square, Parkend

On the back of the card, the following was written: "Approx 1898, Parkend Square, my grandmother outside No 12 where her family were born.This photograph belongs to Mrs Doris Turner ..."
These buildings were built to provide housing for employees of the tinplate works in 1851. The Square was prone to flooding by the Cannop Brook. All of these houses have long gone. The Square was unusual in that it only had 2 sides!.

Sally Brown added (July 2006) My Dad, Maurice Brown lived in one of these houses, his mum and dad were called Frank and Dorothy, he had an older brother, Cecil, and a younger brother Bernard. Can anyone tell me which house he lived in please? . (click the "i" button below if you can help please)

A site visitor added (Apr 2009): "Frank and Dorothy Brown finally lived in Number 24 (the last house on the right)".

Geraldine Sandford added "Thomas and Elizabeth Bowery lived in one of these houses"

Paul Gwynne added (June 2009): "I believe my great great grandparents Thomas & Harriet Gwynne & their family also lived in the Square, would anyone know where in the Square they lived?".

Graham White added (Sept 2012): "... I was born in The Square in 1945 at No 2: Parents Doug and Kitty White, brother Douglas. I will speak to my brother over the next couple of weeks and will fill in most if not all of the residents in The Square".

Jim Baker added (August 2014): "... for Paul Gynne. Hi. I have a postcard adressed to a Mrs M. Gwynn (no 'e' on the end) from her niece here in Moreton, Wirral... It informs her that 'Alf has been call up (sic) to the war'. It is postmarked 7th August 1914 and Mrs Gwynn's address is give as 12 The Square (Park End, Near Lyden, Glos) - the latter part of address could be incorrect and is more probaly Parkend, Lydney,Glos. Anyway - it may or may not be relevant to your family - but hope it's of interest anyhow".

Kendel Posar added (February 2016): "... , Albert Henry Thomas lived in the fourth house from the far left. I think he moved here when he was 6 in 1940 with his mother Agatha and father William. He had a copy of this photo from family in Lydney who sent it to us in Australia where he now lives. He talks about the water tap in the square, there was no running water in the houses".

Janet Forse added (April 2016): "... My grandparents Hubert and Lilian Edwards lived in number 14. My father Stan Edwards was born there in February 1931".

Judith Seys added (February 2019): "... My great grandparents George and Eleanor Ward lived in The square but moved away in the between 1871 and 1876; I would like to know the number please if anyone has information.

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