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3 views of Newerne St., Lydney.

3 views of Newerne St

Clive wrote: "... the top image is a scan of a commercial postcard produced by Forest Stationary Ltd., Lydney, Glos. It was purchased in Lydney on September 22 2005 by Canadian friends who were visiting the UK. On the back of the postcard is written 'Newerne Street, Lydney, 1914'. Because the person, from whom our friends purchased the postcard, advised them just where the picture had been taken, our friends thought it would be interesting for us if they were to try and take a 'current-day' photo of the same location. Because traffic in 2005 is a little different to that in 1914 they were unable to stand in the middle of the road to take a photo and had to make do with taking one photo from each side of the road. The other two photos attached then are of approximately the same portion of Newerne Street shown in the 1914 photo".

Suzanne Jolley added: "... Great photographs of Newerne Street but I believe the large Drapers Shop on the left of the top photograph is Ivor Griffiths Clothiers Drapers. I would be interested if anyone else thinks the same".

Cliff Hannam added (December 2010): "... I had a copy of this photo, it's probably now in The Cross at Aylburton along with others displayed in the lounge bar when I kept the Swan Hotel. Bert Parry explained that it would have been taken early on a Saturday evening. Everybody would have just got off the train from up in the forest the gents to have a drink in town and the ladies to take advantage of meat and grocery bargains before the shops shut for the weekend - there were no fridges or freezers then".

Avril Smith added (December 2010): "... Half way up on the left corner above the Swan used to be Whites Sweet Shop I believe. Behind that shop was The Observer and down a small corridor behind that was a machine shop where I used to clean Lathes. At that time I was a student at Lyney School Of Art 1968 which is now demolished. How Sad".

Dr Adrian Morgan added (Sept 2011): "... Yes the corner shop on Swan Road belonged to Mr and Mrs White. They lived in the flat above. They also had a sweet shop next to the post office in High Street. In this shop at the back was a Barbers accessed through the shop. It was very handy for boys at the Grammar School. Outside school hours I went to H.H Evans-Harold in Newerne Street opposite Harrison's Newsagents. Harold had a built up shoe as one leg was shorter. He had a very marked limp. I don't know if it was congenital or a War injury. It was here that I heard the expression 'anything for the weekend'. He was a keen supporter of Lydney Rugby Club. Lydney Cinema is also visible on the RHS set back on the pavement. The manager was Mr Boyce. He lived in a house at the back on Forest Road. On the top side of the cinema was the feeder stream for the Tin Plate Works I think. I think it came from the Power Station further up Forest Road because on cold damp days mist rose from the water. On the other side was the Riflemans Arms pub. Opposite the Riflemans was Jackson's outfitters. Next to Jackson's on Forest Road was Harris's Undertakers. My father used to service the cars hearses etc of all the people named above in his garage in Newerne Street. Eastman's butcher shop was still there when I left Lydney in 1966. Next to the railway crossing was an access to Lydney Central Trading builders merchants then Tom Thomas's Head Office above an opticians. Next to them a well known grocery chain whos name I can't recall. On the top side of the railway crossing was the Head Office of the Severn and Wye Railway Company that became the Royal Brtiish Legion. Next on Hill Street was Strike's monumental masons workshop and bungalow. Raymond's Stores is a little further down Newerne Street than the black and white photo. Next to this store was the London Meat Company that became Baxters butchers and next was another pub opposite the Coop",
"... Suzanne Jolley is correct. Ivor Griffiths had the outfitters before Jacksons on the corner of Forest Road. On either side of Regent Street was the MEB shop before they moved across Newerne Street to new premises where houses once stoodnext to Eastman's and Harrison's greengrocers shop. Harrison's also owned Newerne Street fish and chip shop. Staff could be seen working in either shop. Again most of the people here were visitors to my fathers garage either for repairs or petrol. There was also a fish and chip shop in High Street between the post office and Letheren's bus garage".

Mr B. Nash added (October 2011): "... I beleive that the cinema Manager was in fact Mr Linton. He lived in the bungalow behind the cinema in Forest Rd. Mr Boyce in fact worked in the cinema at the time, he also was a part time ambulance driver with my uncle Bert Nash. The ambulance was in Park Road opposite the police station".

Eric Marshall added (November 2012): "... Interesting photo of Raymond Stores. My father was manager of the right-hand portion when it was Lennard's Shoes. We lived above the shop and I spent many a happy day looking out of the bay window at Lydney life passing by. I left Lydney when I got a job with ICI in Cheshire in 1966 to work on computers, a job in various guises I kept until retirement in 2008".

Lesley Parker added (March 2017): "... Lots of memories here! Clifford Hannam - I remember when you and your little brother Godfrey came to Lydney and started at Lydney C of E School; you lived just behind the post office. Another memory: down the lane at Lydney Central Trading was the coalyard, with a huge chestnut tree outside, next to a big heap of coal. As children we'd clamber up the coalheap to get at the fallen conkers, and sometimes a worker would yell at us to go away! Griffiths' Drapers was where my mother would buy material to make our clothes, and when we went to LGS we bought the uniforms from the upper level of Griffiths. Suzanne Jolley - you wouldn't have been Suzanne Poskitt, would you? You were in my class at Lydney C of E and 1L at LGS, and I still have a photo of you, me Avril King and Sheila ? at one of your birthday parties (1959?). I think you lived in a railway house and there was a big Tretchikoff print of the green Chinese girl in your sitting-room! Also knew Suzanne and Esme Strike; Suzanne was in my sister Rosemary's class at school; Esme was older. Also went to a birthday party there; it was the first time I'd been in a bungalow. It was huge, and they had a big television set with double doors on the front, and there was oodles and oodles of party food!".

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