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Naas Lane Camp near Lydney, Gloucestershire.


Naas lane Camp, Lydney

Nass Camp

Terry wrote: "... please find enclosed a couple of photos of the old camp at Naas Lane, Lydney or what is left of it. There are 4 huts remaining plus the water tower. In 1939 the Ministry of Supply requisitioned land alongside the canal at Lydney. Along with that came 400 troops so accommodation was needed. Land was requisitioned from the farm at Naas Lane at £20 an acre. In total 35 concrete huts including tin Nissen Huts were built and 17 small tents were erected to house the various German and Italian prisoners who worked at the depot and on surrounding farms. When the last American unit, the 3188 Quartermaster Service Company, vacated the camp in 1946 locals stripped the camp clean. Squatters moved in and stayed until 1947. The council then decided to use to camp to house families waiting to be housed. A partition was put down the centre of the hut so 2 families occupied one hut. They had a bathroom, two bedrooms, kitchen and living room. The camp was known locally as The Avenue. By September 1955 all the tin huts had been removed and by 1957 all the families had moved out into council houses. The huts were handed back to Naas House Farm the huts reverted to cattle sheds, although some had been put into use as industrial units. A lot of the huts were demolished in the 1990s and today only 4 remain and these are well overgrown. Hopefully these remaining huts will stay. They are well worth a visit but permission is needed from the landowner".


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