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Lydney and District Hockey Club 1948-1961.

Lydney Hockey Teams

Lydney and District Hockey Club


At Weston
Back Row - J.Gaskill, D.K.Wilkes, P.Cornaby?, B.J.Cooke, W.Whereat, J.Edwards?, L.G.James, J.Rudge, D.A.L.Thomas.
Middle Row - O.Gale, J.Howell, C.H.Hughes, W.K.Martyn, J.Morgan, R.K.Powell, R.C.Aldridge, S.H.Bennett, C.J.Cooper, R.A.J.Bell.
Front Row - J.Ralph, D.Hyde, N.Powell, R.Adams, A.Powell.


Annual match 11 Mar 1950
Lydney Grammar School Old Boys (5) v Lydney Grammar School (3)
Back Row - S.H.Bennett, K.Jones, A.Price, D.Voss, D.Cramp, P.Dimery, C.C.Rosser.
Middle Row - D.A.L.Thomas (umpire), D.K.Wilkes, B.James, A.D.Martyn, C.J.Cooper, R.Dennis, R.A.Powell, G.Johnson, R.A.J.Bell (umpire).
Front Row - C.H.Hughes, M.Lewis, D.E.Hyde, R.K.Powell (capt), W.Whereat, L.G.James, B.Kear. Sitting - D.Voyce, E.Barrett.
Played 24, Won 9, Lost 13, Drawn 2, For 69, Against 94.

1958 / 59

Back Row - J.Cooke, T.Wintle, R.Thomas, A.McCowan (capt), J.Smith, C.Cooper, G.Cooke, K.Martyn, W.Whereat.
Front Row - P.Harris, T.Brown, J.Griffiths, P.Morgans, M.Purvis, B.Capel.
Played 21, Won 8, Lost 11, Drawn 2, For 37, Against 37.

1960 / 61

Back Row - B.Capel, D.K.Wilkes, J.Smith, ? , M.Martyn, G.Cooke.
Front Row - C.J.Cooper, C.H.Hughes, K.Martyn (capt), B.James, J.Martyn.
Played 12, Won 6, Lost 6, Drawn 0, for 34, Against 32.

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