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Lydney Girls School, 1965

Lydney Girls School

Lydney Girls School

Dave wrote: "Here's another picture I dug up but don't know a lot about but it. I think that it must be the Lydney Girls school that disappeared when the Lydney area schools went 'comprehensive'. I don't know what the school was called ,but it might have been Lydney County Girls School. The picture must be from around 1960".

Fourth (back) row on stage: 3 Carol Emmings 6 Ingrid Coulter
Third row on stage: 1 Jean Mayall, 7 Dianne Lowe. 8 Susan Turner
Second row on stage: 3 Susan Harris, 4 Sandra Dorrington, 6 Lesley Williams, 7 Susan Bollen,
First row of girls on stage(Row 1) : 1, 2, 3 Marlene Lindley, 4 Avril Bayliss, 5 Tricia Davies Elizabeth Hunt?, Jean Wales? 11  Jane James , , 12 possibly Eunice Harbour , 13 Susan Lancaster, 14 Margaret Weavin, 15 Anne de Gruyther 18
In front of stage: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Nesta Williams (conducting).

Thanks to Carol Tremain who added (August 2009): "Tricia Davies started at Lydney girls school in September 1963".

Annette Eldred (Nee Parker) added (August 2011): "... Thank you for putting up the photo of Lydney Girls School. I went to the school and was there from the 1961-1965. If anyone remembers me it would be nice to hear from them. Many thanks Annette Eldred "

Jackie Howlett added (August 2012): "... I went to Lydney Girls School from 1961 1966 and would love to hear from anyone who recognises me".

Jennifer Silvester added (November 2012): "... Yes Ii know you Annette, my name before i married was Prakel. I wonder if you can remember me? I used to go about with Gloria Emery and Pat Grindle. If you know the where-abouts of Gloria I would love to get in touch with her".

Irene Johnston added (July 2020): "... I am in the percussion section of the orchestra, third from the left, not sure about the first girl but could be Jane Brown, then Christine Chuter, myself - Irene Johnston, and then Jane Davies. Even I can't remember the exact year, but judging by the hair styles, I would guess 1962/63?".

Lesley Phillips added (November 2021): "...I think from left to right on front row 5th along could be Jean Wales . 11th along Jane James , beautiful voice, 12 possibly Eunice Harbour ,not sure. Second row 6th from left, myself, Lesley Williams and Susan Bollen 7th along.I started in 1965 at Lydney Girls School (LCSGS) and think this was in my first year.Be lovely to hear from anyone" .

Iona added (October 2023): "... I also attended Lydney girls school. I'm sure sue Bollen was in a class. Anyone remember me . I did music played the piano so am surprised not in photo",

Thanks also to Elizabeth Hunt, Carol Page, Su Evans, Margaret Silsby, Cris Turley, Ingrid Miles and Avril Smith..

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