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Lydney The Old Forge

Lydney Old Forge

Lydney The Old Forge

Peter Essex wrote (Oct 2009): "... This looks like the forge between the last houses in Forest Road and the power station at Norchard.   My recollection is that you could (even if you shouldn't) come from the right from Forest Road as you look at this picture, and clamber across at the railings shown, then get over the railway and continue upwards along an unmade track to Bream Road".

Kevin Fieldhouse added (December 2009): "This was one of two old things between Forest Road and Bream Road by way of an old track (pathway). While at Lydney Boys Secondary School when I was age eleven right up to leaving at fifteen in 1968, we went on nature walks down the old track from Bream Road to Forest Road. The other old thing was a ruined cottage and overgrown garden".

Ray Brown added (March 2010): "...The correct name for this is 'The Middle Forge' and the old track referred to was always known as Forge Lane".

Nancy ? added (November 2011): "... Yes I remember Forge Lane and the stepping stones and remains of railway track. Also gathering white violets on the way up to Bream Road.... ".

A Forester added (Sept 2010): "... Its definitely Forge Lane ".

Robert Burder added (April 2015): "... when you cross that bridge from the road, my mother's family (Jones) lived there. I spent many happy summer holidays there. On the other side of the house there was a caravan, a woman lived there name of Miss Pigott".

Mike Walker added (September 2016): "... If you crossed over the bridge from Forest Road the whitewashed cottage to the left belonged to a Mr Jones who lived alone and had a small market garden which ran alongside the river towards Spring Meadow. As a child I was sent down the Forge Lane from Bream Road to buy fresh lettuce. It meant running the risk of meeting Mr Jones huge Alsatian dog, a fearsome thing".

Robert Burder added (October 2021): "... Just read the article from Mike Walker, the Mr Jones he Mentions is my uncle Jim Jones, as children we not allowed to touch the dog".

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