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The Basin at Lydney Harbour.

Lydney Harbour, The Basin

The Basin at Lydney Harbour. The roofs of Cookson Terrace can be seen on the left behind the Cannop coal trucks.

Clifford Wintle added (Sept 2017): "... I am fairly confident this vessel was an ex coastal stone carrying barge. It was worked on by a team from Watts Factors Ltd. in preparation for conversion to a house boat for a Dutch gentleman (customs and excise officer, Lydney name unfortunately not remembered) around 1949, at which time it was moored below the two buildings, one of which was a ship's chandler. There was also a small hand-cranked crane/winch on a railed track for unloading cargo. Access to the site was via a small track from Harbour Rd. across the rail sidings. The work comprised of removing the original engine (a horizontally opposed double acting twin two stroke diesel) fitted under the floor of the hold, replacing it with a four cylinder Saurer diesel ( ex M.O.D. heavy goods vehicle) in the original wheel house/ crew accommodation, manufacturing all relevant parts and fitting, (ie engine mountings/fuel system including fuel tank and pipework exhaust and electrical system) using original propeller shaft via a Saurer gearbox. I can not confirm this as I was the youngest member of the team (a 20 year old apprentice improver at the time, sheet metal worker/welder) I doubt if I would find any other member of the team now".

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