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Jackson and Saysom families, Lydney in 1928.

Jackson Saysum 1928

Row 4: 1 Jack Hammond,2 ,3 Henry Saysom c1870 uncle of bride,4 ,5.
Row 3: 1, 2 Edwin Charles "Porby"Jackson b.1874 Father of Groom, 3 Lloyd Saysom c 1905 brother of bride, 4, 5, 6, 7 Harry Saysom c.1902 brother of bride, 8 George Saysom b1875 father of the bride, 9 Mary Saysom b1875 mother of the bride,10, 11.
Row 2: 1, 2, 3 Eve Saysom c1905 sister of bride, 4, Edwin Jackson b1902 groom,5 Florence Mary SaysomM b1903 bride, 6 Hilda Saysom wife of Lloyd, 7, 8 Mrs Alice Powell .
Row 1: 1 Ted Saysom c1916 bride's brother, 2

Leslie wrote: "Looking at the picture it is believed that only 3 members of the groom's family are present? They are on the far left of the picture. Edwin's father, the other male is older than the groom possibly an uncle or older brother? The woman sitting in the white top could be the grooms mother? The rest of the picture I think comprises members of the Saysom family? Does anyone out there recognize any of these faces or can put names to them? As the photo is is only 80 years old some of those young faces could still be with us if not their children. Sent in by Leslie Harris great great nephew of George Saysom with kind permission from Denis Roddy and his wife Irene, grandaughter of Edwin Jackson and Florence Saysom .

Rachel Hanlon added (Jan 2009): "Alice Powell, nee Saysom, was the sister of George and aunt of the bride. She was born in 1864, and was the wife of William Powell. Alice and William were my great grand-parents".

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