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Dr. J.C.M. Brambell of Lydney.

Dr Bramble

Dr. J.C.M. Brambell

Neil's photo of his father, former Lydney doctor, Dr J.C.M. Brambell was taken in Axbridge, Somerset in 1984.

Roger Dennis wrote (Dec 2008): "... I was delighted to see the photo of your father, who was the Pritchard's G.P. I must have met him prior to 1951 and again in 1953, but my first memory is in 1956, when he prescribed for me, making my life (in the U.K. climate) far more bearable. I remained on that prescription into the 1970s, by which time doctors had moved on. Not liking the prescribed modern cures, I spent years buying my own medication. A poison, over the counter, with never a question asked! In the 80s, I had to cave in to modern practice and a couple of years ago I discovered only hospitals could get that prescription! How times change, but I am indebted to your father for finding a 'cure' for me"

John Bunker wrote (Dec 2008): "... Needless to say he was most people's Doctor in Lydney in the 50's - with Doctor Cardale. My Father always considered it outrageous because his house had a yellow front door!. My elder Brother Adrian and I were were only talking about them the other day ..".

Tony Davis added (Jan 2009): "I remember in the big freeze of 1947, when the Lyd had broken it's banks to form a huge frozen lake, covering what are now the sports fields, watching Dr. and Mrs. Brambell skating on the ice. Not surprising given their Canadian background. They were probably the only people in the area who owned ice skates. I also remember him showing two young boys a rather fancy revolver that he kept in a drawer in his surgery in Swan Rd. We were very impressed"..

Eric Marshall added (June 2009): "I was once given a medical by Dr Brambell for a job I was getting at ICI in Cheshire. I also hung around with Neil when I was young and remember playing around in the Brambells orchard. I remember Neil going to Monmouth Grammar school. I tried the entrance exam and 'froze' during the test. I didn't manage to get in!".

Mr and Mrs Jones added (August 2009): "... I have very fond memories of Dr Brambell too when in 1972 he anounced to me, very gingerly, that he was convinced I was having twins.  He was unsure of my reaction but obviously I was over the moon.  He also confided in my husband that in all probability I would lose one of them at birth.  Thankfully I didn't. They are now 37 with children of their own.  What a lovely man".

Avril Smith added (August 2010): "... Dr. Brambell was a delightful man, caring happy and obliging. In the sixties when I was a sickly child with many throat problems he would always do house calls and give me gigantic Penicillin tablet,s which were still new at that time and give me a poke in the stomach and say get well soon. He had a lovely family also".

Dr Adrian Morgan added (September 2011): "... Dr Brambell was a very gentle gentleman with a wonderful bedside manner. When my family moved from Allastone to Yorkley in 1958 he continued to do house calls even though it was outside his surgery catchment area. I was at school with Catherine and Neil and I feel very privileged to have dined with the Brambells in the family home and met with his actor brother Wilfred. I was definitely influenced by Dr Brambell in my chosen career eventually going to medical school myself at the age of twenty four".

Peter Essex added (September 2011): "... I have just acquired a cutting from the Lydney Observer listing those who attended my grandfathers funeral at Springfield Methodist Church in February 1961. Dr. Brambell was among them. His attendance probably confirms what is said of him in the other posts here as the G.P. and friend of many".

(Name Supplied) added (June 2016): "... From 1966 to 1972, whilst a pupil at Lydney Grammar School I also sang in the choir at St Mary's Church where 'Doc' Bramble was choirmaster and organist. Whilst striving for perfection he always had a cheery disposition and great humour. I also remember a visit by his brother, the 'Steptoe' actor, Wilfred Bramble. If memory serves me, Neil was also in the choir at about the same time. Great memories".

Michael Edge added (August 2018): "... My family were registered with the Dr. Brambell, Dr.Cardale practice, when we lived in Lydney between 1959 & 1967. My one abiding memory of him was him administering a Smallpox vaccination in 1966. Along with Anthony Morgan & Paul Mudway. We were about to go on an Educational Cruise to Bergen, Copenhagen & Amsterdam, in June of 1966. There had recently been a Smallpox outbreak in the Midlands. I too also remember that he was the brother of Wilfred 'Albert Steptoe' Brambell.

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