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Skittles at the Bridge Hotel, Lydney in 1967.

Bridge Skittle Team

David wrote: "... The attached picture is a bit out of focus and was taken in the skittle alley at the Bridge Hotel Lydney around 1967. This was also known as the Gym and was used for functions. It was located to the left of the inn on the lane alongside the river that led into the rugby ground (is it still there?). The picture is a mixture of Watts Factor's employees and Bridge regulars so maybe it was a game between them.

Back extreme right is Mervyn Dunn (Store Keeper) Extreme left holding up a pint is Wil Doane who was a driver delivering and collecting parts from the stores. Next to him is Victor Dunn. 4th from left middle row I think is Trevor Willis (worked in the office) Far right middle row is Ron Liddington (worked in the stores) Front row on left is Bert Yates. Fourth from left is Mary Blake and squatting down with glasses is her husband Dick Blake. They were landlord and landlady around that time. I recognise others but can't recall their names.

Row 3: 1 Robert Worgan 2 Barry Cam, 3 Mervyn Dunn.
Row 2: 1 Will Doane, 2 Victor Dunn, 3, 4 Trevor Wilce, 5 Roy James, 6 Brian Lewis, 7 Billy Treherne, 8 Ron Liddington, 9 (between rows in gray jacket).
Row 1: 1 Bert Yates, 2 Dennis Markey, 3 Mrs (Bill) Doane, 4 Mary Blake, 5 Keith Morgan 6 Russell Christie.

Thanks also to Roy James.

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