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British Rail Supper at the Lydney Rugby Club in 1953.

British Rail Supper 1954

Guests at the British Rail Supper, Lydney in 1953.


1 William "Bill" Baldwin of the Tutnalls Lydney, 2.Gertie Wason, 4 Annie Elizabeth Gwinnell ( Nee Turley), 5 Mr. William 'Bill' Brown of Tutnals Lydney, 6 Harry Carter Gwinnell,  7.Peggy Simpson, 8  Billy Miles?, 9.Chris Mayo, 10.Mrs Reg Baldwin 11.Mrs Mulford 14.Mrs Hazel 15. Mt Kerr 16.Mrs Evans-Seargent 17.Mrs Parry, 18 Don Parry, 19.Gordon Fennell 20.Janet Fennell 21.Joyce Preest 22.Russell Christie 23 and 24 are Eddy and Elsie Guest. 25.Joyce Powell 27.Dennis Simpson 29.Bill Watkins 30.Mrs Watkins 31. Harry Powell 32.Mrs Powell 33.Johnny Jones 34.Joyce Mann 36.Ken Fletcher.

Thanks also to Gerry for the legend.

Thanks also to Barry Jones who added (Feb 2009): "... Eddy Guest was a signalman at Woolaston station. His wife was a relative of mine. I can also recollect other Signal men at Woolaston; Bob Guest, Sammy Oliver,Les Hoskins,I also believe there was a Mr Bollen from Alvington".

Royston Pritchard added (Feb 2009): "Bob was a Korean prisoner of war and worked for British Rail all his working life".

Thanks also to Ray Brown and Harry Davis.

Thanks also to Bob Barnett who added (June 2009): "... Comments from Barry Jones brought back some memories for me regarding the Woolaston staff. There was Bob Guest senior, a Woolaston porter and Bob junior who in fact started portering at Lydney Town, later becoming a signalman at that location and later at Otters Pool Junction and finally Lydney West Box. He also mentions Les Hoskins who in fact, after war service with the 11th Hussars, started as a signal lamp man in 1948 at Lydney G.W.R. Station to later become a porter, then leading porter until the station became un-manned in 1969 when he transfered to the old West box operating the crossing barriers at Lydney and Awre by CCTV. After retirement B.R. called Les back for a further 3 years shunting trains of imported Austrailian coal at Avonmouth Docks. He still lives at Woolaston Common. The Mr.Bollen he mentiones is Bill Bollen that still lives in Alvington. After war service Bill's father-in-law Percy Parsloe (a plate layer) acquired work for Bill as a goods porter at Lydney goods shed in 1945. He transfered to Woolaston as a passenger porter in 1946 before going as a District Relief man in 1947 covering the main line from Woolaston-Oakle Street, the old S&W and Bullo lines and the Hereford Branch from Grange Court Junction to Holme Lacey".

Bob added: "Anyone with an interest in the old Forest of Dean railways and railwaymen may find my First book "Dean Forest Footplate Memories" of interest, available at the Dean Forest Railway shop at Norchard. Tel 01594 845840".

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