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Lydney Grammar School Prefects 1967-1968

A photo of prefects at Lydney Grammar  School 1967 - 1968

Row 04 (Back Row): 1 David Philips, 2 Colin Silcocks, 3 Gary Wildin, 4 Maurice Baker, 5 Michael Shanahan, 6 Jon Biggins, 7 David Kelsey.

Row 03: 1 David Humphreys, 2 Terry Vickery, 3 Liz Watson, 4 Carol Wallis, 5 Susan Legg, 6 Stephen Preest.

Row 02: 1 Norma Vine, 2 Susan Ridler, 3 Lynne Hunt, 4 Lorraine Pengelly, 5 Jean Davis, 6 Astrid Thomas, 7 Helen Capps.

Row 01 (Front Row): 1 Peter Selby, 2 Geoffrey Beech, 3 Dora Winspear, 4 Earnest Beeley, 5 Kate Laycock, 6 Anne Northam, 7 Ruth Chilvers.

This is perhaps one of the last LGS photos of Dora Winspear.

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