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Lydney Grammar School Photo 1936 - part 1.

1936 LGS school photo

1936 School Photo - 1

(Row 1 is nearest the camera, number pupils from left to right looking at the photo, Start at first whole face).

Row 8:
Row 7: 9 Vincent Liquorish,15 Jack Kyte
Row 6: 1 Ivor Taylor 8 John Griffiths, 13 Aubrey Stump
Row 5: 1 Eric Carter, 17 Doug Kear later School Rugby Captain
Row 4: (9 and 10 in front of rest of row)
Row 3: 13 Kenneth Liquorish,
Row 2: (row 2 is a part row - 10 boys only) 6 John Edwards,
Row 1:

"Doug Kear (William Douglas Howard Kear) ... died 19 Dec 2011. Doug was Victor Ludorum in the year of the photo and is indeed wearing the the badge for the Award. We had many fine Award Boards which were hung in the Great Hall and some corridors or islated spaces. Is the present whereabouts of the Award Boards known?".

Robert Kyte added (January 2021): "... Row 7: 15 Jack Kyte Jack was my father. His actual name was Charles John Kyte. But he was known as Jack by most people. He was also the last landlord of the Step Aside in Albert Street, Lydney".

Thanks also to C.Taylor, J Stump, Keith Kear and Keith Hulls.

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