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Lydney Grammar School, camp orderly party, August 1949.

LGS School Camp

Lydney Grammar School, camp orderly party, August 1949, Chiddock?, Dorset

Row 2 (Back) 1 Roy Haffenden, 2 Iris Mansell 3 Janet Windsor 4 Gordon G Taylor, 5 Sam Hotchkiss 6 Mrs Hotchkiss,  7 ?, 8 Jean Scott, 9 Christopher Brown, 10 June Prince.
Row 1 (Front) 1 Nigel Glew, 2 , 3 Brian James, 4 Joyce Cowles 5 John Clark.(Woolaston), 6 Margaret Hickman Clark 7 Fay Hotchkiss 8 Ann Hotchkiss 9 Cynthia Goring

Thanks also to Brian James, Pete Clark, John V Ralph, H J Warren and Jean Thomas.

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